Wendy Lau

Lau is proficient in Java, Python, HTML/CSS, Swift, C and SQL and Android Studio. She is also proficient in design tools such as Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision, UX Research, and Rapid Prototyping. In the summer of 2015, Lau participated in the Duke in Silicon Valley program, designed to expose students to the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. In this program, she studied disruptive innovation, mergers and acquisitions, business models and strategic planning at Stanford University.

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Divya Koyyalagunta

Koyyalagunta is proficient in Java, Python, C, HTML/CSS and Matlab.  She has a range of research experience, having served as an undergraduate research assistant doing work in computational neuroscience in a lab in the Duke Neurobiology department. She worked as a research assistant in the Arenkiel Lab at Baylor College of Medicine analyzing Alzheimer data, and she was a summer intern at NASA Johnson Space Center where she created a C++ cyber security application. She is an undergraduate teaching assistant for CS 101 Intro to Programming and CS 201 Data Structures & Algorithms.

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Hannah Kelly

Kelly is proficient in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. She spent the summer of 2016 as a software developer at Solvati Management Consulting in Atlanta where she worked on a commerce website for a furniture store. At Duke, she serves as a writing consultant for the Thompson Writing program and helps students improve their writing through one on one work.

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Laura Guo

Guo is proficient in Python, Java, Digital Design (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator), MATLAB, LaTeX, and CSS/HTML. At Duke, she conducted an independent study project focused on developing app-based and web-based interventions on levels of stress and self-efficacy in first-year university students. She worked on the Web team for The Standard Magazine at Duke, and for the Office of Financial Aid. She was also an undergraduate teaching assistant for Computer Science 101.

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Katherine Guo

Guo is proficient in Java, MATLAB, Python, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. In 2016, Guo was a WindAid Institute Intern and worked on a wind turbine project in Peru. She constructed three wind turbines from scratch, including the rotor, stator and blade, and led community outreach events to teach community members how to benefit from the technology. At Duke, she served as a lab assistant for EGR 103 and taught MATLAB and programming concepts. She is a member of the Duke Electric Vehicles club where she works to improve a motor controller.

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Kristianna Elbert

Elbert is proficient in 3ds Max, ADDA certification, Adobe Illustrator, Arduino, AutoCAD, AutoDesk Inventor, Fusion 360, Java and JavaFX, Processing, SolidWorks, MATLAB and LaTeX and Maya. She has a range of engineering and software design experience. As a rigging and visualizations intern at Biometrix in Durham, NC, she helped to design a high speed pressure-sending insole capable of recording athlete performance data. She was the 3D modeling lead at CodeStory in Durham working on an interactive game to teach children how to code, and won the Duke ChangeWorks Startup Challenge in 2016.

Tianlin Duan

Duan is experienced with R, Python, Java, SQL and Tableau. She is also an experienced business intelligence data analysis researcher and has interned at BlueFocus Communication Group and the China National Think Tank on Aging in Beijing, China. She has conducted undergraduate research at Duke through the Center for Advanced Hindsight, the Duke Social Science Research Institute, and the Bass Connections in Energy Project. She also received a research grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to conduct network analysis and text analytics.

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Anita Desai

Desai is an Alice M. Baldwin Scholar at Duke University. She is experienced with Advanced Java, Android Dev, SCRUM Methodology, Git, C, Unix, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Matlab, LaTex, EagleCAD, Diptrace, and AutoCAD. She also has experience in hardware and software engineering, has co-designed a scrolling platformer game engine, and contributed to the development of an Android PTSD tracking and management app. She repaired and calibrated medical equipment in a hospital in La Trinidad, Nicaragua as part of Duke’s Engineering World Health program.

Sarah Cogan

Cogan has experience in Java, Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript, and C. She has been an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for CS101 – Intro to Computer Science in Python. In 2016, she was also a Teaching Assistant for the Girls Who Code program in New York where she taught a 20 high school juniors and seniors introductory computer science, emphasizing computational and creative thinking. And for several years she served as debate coach at Lincoln-Douglas High School in New York.

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