November 6, 2017

Each interview is an opportunity to make a strong first impression as you search for internships and full-time jobs. Your goal is for companies to be able to answer “YES” to the questions: Can you do... read more »

November 5, 2017

DTech started in 2016 as Duke’s response to a decades-long problem: a dearth of women working in tech. In 2015, women held only a quarter of the nation’s computing jobs, though they made up 57... read more »

October 18, 2017

Some of the most iconic Apple products – the online store, the iTunes music shop and the App store – came out of the work involving Duke graduate Eddy Cue, ’86, Apple’s senior vice president of... read more »

June 16, 2017

Aiming to close the gender gap in computer science and engineering, Duke Technology Scholars Program sends 34 women to internships in high-tech hub For Nigel Malaba, being selected for the... read more »

April 1, 2017

Our terrific inaugural group of Duke Technology Scholars gathered in March for a reunion dinner at the home of program director Monica Jenkins. Besides reminiscing about their experiences working and... read more »

December 1, 2016

In the summer of 2016, Duke launched the Duke Technology Scholars Program (DTech). During the 12-week internship program in Silicon Valley, California, 10 talented young women expanded their... read more »