Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a DTech Member and a DTech Scholar?

  • DTech Members are students participating in DTech activities during the school year.  These include workshops on a variety of topics, extensive support for internship recruiting, and participation in the warm and welcoming DTech community.   
  • DTech Scholars are members who have been selected to participate in the DTech Scholar summer program in the Bay Area, Seattle or Raleigh-Durham.  This includes a technical internship, subsidized summer housing, mentoring by industry leaders and past Scholars, networking opportunities and visits to top tech companies.  

Is there a required major for becoming a member of DTech?
No, but DTech resources and programming will likely be the best fit for students interested in computing-related disciplines such as Computer Science, Engineering and Statistics/Data Science. 

I'm just starting out in computer science/engineering.  Should I still apply to become a DTech member?
Yes! We have a wealth of resources for students new to tech, and there's no better time to start building a community that will support you throughout your Duke career.  Also, this year we are launching the DTech Explore Program to help freshmen and sophomores get to know each other and explore technical courses and other opportunities together.

How does the DTech application process work?
The process is different this year in order to help DTech become even more inclusive. 

  • DTech Member applications will open on September 1, 2020.  Students in all years at Duke who wish to join the vibrant DTech community and participate in DTech's school-year activities are encouraged to apply. 
  • DTech Scholar applications will open in January, 2021.  DTech members who wish to participate in the 2021 summer DTEch Scholar program in the Bay Area, Seattle, or Raleigh-Durham may apply.  You do not need to already have an internship at the time of your application.

When is the best time to apply to become a DTech Member?  Should I wait until I have my resume complete?
We encourage you to apply as early as possible during the fall semester so that you can become part of the community and avail yourself of all that DTech has to offer.  You do not need a resume to apply to become a DTech Member, and we'll provide resources that will help you create one. 

If I was a DTech Associate last year, do I need to reapply to become a member in 2020-21?
Yes, please reapply if you'd like to be a part of DTech again this year.

Is living in DTech summer housing a required part of the DTech Scholar Program?
Yes, most DTech Scholars will tell you that living with other students pursuing similar goals is one of the most powerful features of the DTech program. Living together and sharing experiences—good, bad, surprising or inspiring—is an important part of building a supportive community. You’ll discover and share common experiences with other interns, which provides important insights into the tech industry.  Plus, Scholars have a great time living together and exploring new areas.

If I find an internship on my own, can I still be part of the DTech Scholar program?
Yes, many past DTech Scholars have found their internships on their own.  While we do provide support for your internship search, we strongly encourage you to use your own resources as well.