Frequently Asked Questions

DTech Member FAQs

What is the difference between a DTech Member and a DTech Scholar?

  • The DTech Member Program is a year-round program through which Duke undergraduate students with technical majors find the community, inspiration, mentorship and support that helps them to thrive at Duke and beyond. The community currently includes over 400 women studying computer science, engineering data science and math/statistics. The key to DTech's impact is that members invest in supporting each other, both as students and alumni.
  • DTech Scholars are members who have been selected to participate in our flagship summer program while doing technical summer internships.  Members are eligible to participate in the Scholar program during one or more summers.

Is there a required major for becoming a member of DTech?
No, but DTech resources and programming are the best fit for undergraduate students interested in computing-related disciplines such as computer science, engineering data science and math/statistics.

I'm just exploring computer science/engineering.  Should I still apply to become a DTech Member?
Yes! We have a wealth of resources for students new to tech, and there's no better time to start building a community that will support you throughout your Duke career.  Also, we offer the DTech Explore Program to help freshmen and sophomores get to know each other and explore technical courses and other opportunities together.

When is the best time to apply to become a DTech Member?  Should I wait until I have my resume complete?
We encourage you to apply as early as possible during the fall semester so that you can become part of the community and avail yourself of all that DTech has to offer.  You do not need a resume to apply to become a DTech Member, and we'll provide resources that will help you create one. 

DTech Scholar FAQs

What is the application window for the Scholar Program?
Applications for the Scholar Program are open now.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Scholar Program?

  • DTech membership (This is a separate application process to be completed before you apply to become a Scholar.)
  • Acceptance of a technical internship at a company or similar organization
  • Completion of DTech Scholar application
  • Attendance at the DTech Scholar Kick-off
  • Commitment to actively engage in all DTech Scholar programming

If I was a DTech Scholar previously, can I participate again in 2023?
Yes, and as someone with more experience, you'll have many opportunities to both receive and give support.