Frequently Asked Questions

How many DTech Scholars are there?

The number of DTech Scholars each year depends on how many qualified applicants are available. We do not have a quota or a maximum limit.

Why do I have to take CS201 before I can be a DTech Scholar?

To be eligible for the 2018-2019 DTech program, you must have completed CS201 Data Structures and Algorithms or a higher-level programming course by May 2019. This level of coursework provides you with enough computing fundamentals that you can reasonably contribute to your internship company.

Do I need to declare my major in computer science or electrical & computer engineering in order to participate in DTech?

No. We would love to see you major or minor in computer science or electrical & computer engineering, but it is not required. Some applicants may not have declared their major yet—and that’s okay.  

What if I need help creating my resume?

One of the benefits of applying to the DTech program is access to workshops and one-on-one coaching throughout the year to help you optimize your resume. We ask you for your current resume as part of the application process simply to help us get to know you better.

How many companies does DTech have a relationship with?

In 2017, DTech worked with nearly 50 Silicon Valley companies ranging from VC-backed startups such as Asana and Grokker, to high-growth private companies such as Slack and Zuora, to some of the world's largest and most respected companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google.

Will I have an opportunity to live with other DTech Scholars?

Yes. Most DTech Scholars will tell you that living with like-minded students is one of the most powerful features of the DTech program. Living together and sharing experiences—good, bad, surprising or inspiring—is an important part of building a supportive community. You’ll discover and share common experiences with other interns, which provides important insights into the tech industry. You are also likely to collaborate with other DTech Scholars on technical challenges so you'll be learning from each other while living in shared housing.

Can I apply if I'm currently studying abroad?

Yes. For students who are studying abroad, we will provide interviews and support through online communications.

If I find an internship on my own, can I still be part of the DTech program?

Yes! There are many benefits to being part of the DTech program, including one-to-one mentorships, summer programming, networking opportunities, workshops, shared housing, and more!