Bihan Zhuang

Zhuang is proficient in Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Materialize, Flask, Heroku, MATLAB, Octave, Python and Arduino. She has a range of biomedical/computational research experience. In 2017, she was a research assistant for the Duke Intelligent Motion lab using machine learning techniques to predict heart attacks. In 2016, she worked in the You lab to model the growth rate of E.coli bacteria, and to code and operate the TECAN EVOWARE robotic systems for experiments. She has designed a grocery story app as part of the 1st Annual IASA Student Architect competition. IASA is an association for IT architects. In 2016, she was a web frontend development intern for 35 Hulian in Xiamen, China. She develop the company's homepage. And she has also designed, assembed and coded an Arduino robot. At Duke, Zhuang is a tutor for linear algebra and Chinese at the Duke Academic Resource Center.

Bihan Zhuang
Class of 2019
Computer Science and Statistical Science

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