Aninda Manocha

Manocha is proficient in Assembly, C, Java, JavaScript, MATLAB and Python, as well as design tools and software such as Arduino, AutoCAD, Bootstrap, GIT, Flask, Heroku, HtML/CSS, ImpactJS, JavaFX, jQuery, LabVIEW, logism, Maya, MongoDB, Netlogo, PSpice, Redis and XML. She has a range of technical and research experience. In 2015, she interned at Lenovo in Morrisville, NC, where she programmed Python applications to test cloud capabilities and in 2016 she interned with Cisco Systems in San Jose, CA where she developed Tcl and Python scripts and created a web application using Flask and MongoDB. She modeled and analyzed virus behavior using MatLab as a research assistant at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 2014, and used Java to explore Knot Theory at Duke in 2015-2015. She is a teaching assistant for CS 250 Computer Architecture.

Aninda Manocha
Class of 2019
Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science

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