Anika Mukherji

Mukherji is proficient in Python, Java, R, Git and Vision Neuroscience. In 2017, she was as a software development research assistant in the Hoff lab at Duke and worked on a team to create an open source interface between Arduino and R. She also worked in the Glickfield Lab at Duke modeling the dynamics of circuits in the visual cortex using Python. In the summer of 2016, she has the opportunity to work as a summer researcher at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit where she conducted data collection and research paper writing. In the fall of 2016, she served as an applications teaching assistant for Advanced Calculus II. Mukherji speaks intermediate-level Spanish. She is the Vice President of the Duke Tennis Club, and a Duke admissions tour guide.

Anika Mukherji
Class of 2019
Computer Science and Neuroscience

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