DTech Program Overview

DTech Members are part of the friendly and supportive DTech community which has grown to include over 400 women studying computer science, engineering and math/statistics at Duke. The DTech Member Program includes:

  • A strong and supportive community of other DTech members with whom you can provide mutual support during your time at Duke and beyond
  • Community-building activities that will help you to get to know other students pursuing a similar course of study
  • Academic support for technical courses
  • Mentorship from DTech alumni working in industry
  • Coaching from experienced DTech staff members
  • Extensive support for technical recruiting
  • DTech Explore, a program to help first years and sophomores get to know each other and learn about different career options
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills and give back by serving on our Student Exec Board, leading an interest group, speaking at workshops, or serving as mentors or Circle leaders

DTech Scholars are those Members who have applied and been accepted into our flagship summer program. In addition to all resources provided to DTech Members, the DTech Scholar Program includes:

  • Summer Events:  Scholars can be located anywhere in the world, and those in the Bay Area, NYC, Raleigh-Durham, Seattle and Washington DC are invited to visit local technology companies and networking events with tech leaders.
  • Scholar Workshops and Retreats:  Interactive, practical workshops spread throughout the spring and summer equip Scholars to make the most of their internships whether they are in-person or remote.  
  • DTech Circles: Every summer, Scholars get to know and support each other by participating in DTech Circles - weekly discussions with 6-8 other Scholars.  
  • 1x1 Mentorship from an Industry Leader:  Each Scholar has the opportunity to be matched with an industry leader who will provide support, perspective and advice throughout the summer.  
  • Housing SupportDTech encourages Scholars to live together during the summer by helping students connect with others who will be in their location, supporting the search for housing, and offering housing stipends to those in co-housing.

DTech Alumni are Duke graduates who were a part of the DTech program as students.  Alumni engage in year-round social, career-development, and mentoring activities plus provide support for DTech Members and Scholars.