DTech Ambassadors

Feel free to reach out to these students if you're considering applying to DTech and have questions. They are happy to share their experiences with you.

Evelyn Cupil-Garcia, ECE & CS
DTech gave me the confidence and knowledge to navigate the interview process while creating a supportive community for me and others in the program.


Isabella Knox '22Isabella Knox, ECE & CS
DTech is the reason I didn’t switch out of Pratt. I have been able to deal with my imposter syndrome throughout the past year through the guidance of the mentors, the support of the community, and the confidence built in workshops. As I continue in my exploration into the tech field and my CS/ECE courses, I know I can rely on DTech as a place for encouragement and connections.

Jasmine HarrisJasmine Harris, CS & Visual Arts
Before DTech, I felt a little lost in the whole recruiting process, and even what I wanted to do in the tech field. DTech is such an amazing support group that has made me feel so welcome in their community and has given me more experiences and connections in the tech industry that I could have ever hoped for!

Julia Ziaee, CS
After deciding to switch from the pre-professional track I was on to computer science during my sophomore year, I felt overwhelmed and confused trying to navigate the ins-and-outs of an industry that felt so new to me. Joining DTech allowed me to not only receive guidance and information, but also to feel as if I have a supportive community of women to turn to within my male-dominated major. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of DTech, as it has significantly contributed to both my personal and professional growth during this pivotal point in my life.

Kassen Qian, CS & Cultural Anthropology
Before my DTech summer, I was nervous and full of doubt about whether I belonged in computer science. Through the program, I've been able to grow so much as an engineer, friend, and advocate for representation in the field. DTech showed me what the tech industry can and should be like!

Laura Li, CS & Psychology
DTech has helped me see that there is space for me in tech. Being surrounded by a community of strong, inspiring, and uplifting women has given me more confidence in my abilities and the belief that I do belong here.

Michelle Mao, CS
DTech changed the course of my career, no doubt. Through DTech's support, I was able to land an internship during my freshman year and they helped me decide between multiple offers during my sophomore year. This community has led me to lasting friendships and mentors and I'm forever grateful to the inspiring women that helped guide me to where I am today.

Morgan Langenhagen, CS
I was a 2020 Scholar, and DTech was the highlight of my summer. The opportunity to have weekly workshops and meet with Scholars throughout the summer gave me such valuable guidance in navigating my internship and my future career path, and I met so many smart, engaged, and supportive women who I could relate to in the tech world.