Why Hire a DTech Scholar?

Research shows that diversity is an engine for the creativity and innovation companies need.  Yet, women only make up only 14% of the software engineering workforce and 25% of computer-related jobs.  In addition, just 3% of computing-related jobs are held by Black women and 2% by Latina women. 

DTech makes it easier for companies to find the top technical talent they need to boost innovation.  Our community includes hundreds of computer science and engineering students and recent graduates from Duke University who are ready to contribute their strong technical skills, creativity, and leadership capabilities. 

DTech interns have the technical chops, but more importantly, come in ready to build, collaborate, and do the hard work of learning to be a professional software engineer. Small companies like ours offer big opportunities for those with the brains, heart, and guts to handle the challenge, and leave nowhere to hide for those who don’t. Every one of our DTech interns has delivered the right work in the right way.

~ Dave Fetterman, Vice President of Engineering, Amperity

How to Work with DTech

DTech streamlines the recruiting process by understanding companies' unique hiring goals and connecting them directly with a diverse group of high-potential candidates for internships and new grad positions.

Companies interview, select and hire candidates using their regular processes, and DTech staff members provide customized support for both companies and students.  Companies recruit throughout the school year - depending on their specific goals and preferred timelines.

In addition, some companies choose to provide financial support for DTech as Corporate Sponsors.  We work closely with Sponsors to create customized events which provide additional ways to interact with DTech students.  Examples include in-person gatherings, on-line workshops, mock interview programs, and office hours with recruiters.  If you would like more information about our Corporate Sponsor Program, please contact us at

Companies Hiring DTech Students