Why Hire a DTech Scholar?

Business research shows that the most successful companies also have the most diverse workforce. Why? Because the more diverse a team is, the more likely it is to find a solution to a challenging problem. Diversity is an engine for creativity and innovation. Duke Technology Scholars is designed to help Duke undergraduate women pursue rewarding careers in technology. Our program provides scholars with training, mentorship and a supportive community to augment and enhance a real world tech company internship experience.

Be part of this movement by hiring a DTech Scholar. 

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High Touch Matching to Meet Your Business Needs

Our internship companies range from international conglomerates to small startups. The success of the DTech program lies in part because of our high-touch intern matching. First, we take time to find out what you really need. Then we connect you with only the DTech Scholars who fit your needs and are interested in your products and business. You conduct the interviews using your normal HR procedures, make the decision to hire or not, and make the offer. Internships are typically between 12 and 14 weeks in length.

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