Frequently Asked Questions

How Many DTech Scholars Will We Take?

The number of DTech Scholars each year depends on how many qualified applicants are available. We do not have a quota or a maximum limit.

Why do I have to take CS201 before I can be a DTech Scholar?

To be eligible for the DTech program, you must have completed CS201 Data Structures and Algorithms or a higher-level programming course by May of your program year. This level of coursework provides you with enough computing fundamentals that you can reasonably contribute to your internship company. We recognize that our scholars come from wide ranging backgrounds, however, and you will have the opportunity to tell us about your skills in the online application.

Do I need to declare my major in computer science or electrical & computer engineering in order to participate in DTech?

No. We would love to see you major or minor in computer science or electrical & computer engineering, but it is not required. Some applicants may not have declared their major yet—and that’s okay. Our ultimate goal is to encourage women to pursue education and ultimately careers in technology fields, and there are many ways to make that happen.

What if I need help creating my resume or cover letter?

DTech sponsors multiple workshops throughout the year to provide one-on-one help in optimizing your resume for tech jobs.

Am I required to live in one of the DTech Scholar group houses?

Yes. Living together and sharing your experiences—good, bad, surprising or inspiring—is an important part of building a supportive community. You’ll discover that other interns are dealing with similar issues and this helps give you important insight into tech industry careers. You’ll probably also find that at least one of your DTech friends can help you with technical problems.

Do I get to pick my internship company?

Not really—although we will do everything we can to open doors for you with a company you are interested in. Part of what makes this program so successful is that we match internships with companies who need and want their specific skills and backgrounds. You will have an opportunity to tell us what you’re interested in when you complete the online application. Our partner companies review the resumes of DTech Scholars we think are a good match for them, and then decide who they want to interview. The company makes the decision to hire and makes the internship offer.

If I find an internship on my own, can I still be part of the DTech program?

Yes! Please apply!