DTech interns Tara, Carly and Gray at the San Francisco Pride Parade
July 30, 2017
by Carly Levi

I’m the first of the DTech interns to finish my internship this summer.  As I write this blog, I’m sitting on a plane on the way to Sydney, Australia to study abroad this upcoming school semester.  I’m excited for new adventures, but also starting to get the feeling of missing out on being at work... read more »

Anika at the Bay Bridge
July 25, 2017
by Anika Mukherji

Hi! So those of my fellow developers out there might get a kick out of my camelCase title (I know I made myself laugh) and some of my fellow iOS developers out there might even enjoy my play on an optional type (Swift > Obj-c)….but I promise I’m going to stop trying to clever now. My name is... read more »

DTech Scholars Sarah, Emily, Maddie, Tracy and Carly at a recent networking event.
July 10, 2017
by Madeline Briere

When my manager, Karl, pitched Presto, Facebook’s open source distributed SQL query engine, as the upcoming intern project, I think all three of us analytics interns (Kathy, also a DTech Scholar, Breck, a Vanderbilt senior, and myself) were ready for the challenge. We had spent the last few weeks... read more »

July 5, 2017
by Madeline Nelson

Have you ever ordered a sports jersey online? Have you ever sent your cousin a Patriot’s hat or Red Sox socks? Have you ever wondered where that sports team onesie you wear on Christmas morning came from? If you answered yes to any of those questions, chances are you have used Fanatics’ technology... read more »

June 19, 2017
by Elise Brown

Who would have thought that my first encounter with the working world would be 3,000 miles away from home? With only 17 years of experience growing up in suburban New Jersey and one year of growing physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially at Duke University, I somehow managed to end up at a... read more »

June 8, 2017
by Ashka Stephen

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” -Jay-Z I’m not sure if comparing Jay-Z’s lyrics to a startup is the best idea (better him than Justin Bieber, like this TechCrunch blogger insists).... read more »