Why DTech?

DTech ScholarsThe Duke Technology Scholars Program (DTech) aims to drive game-changing innovation and fuel creativity by inspiring more women to choose careers in computer science and electrical and computer engineering.

Launched in 2016 as a partnership between Duke's departments of Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering, the program provides one-on-one mentoring, a unique internship experience with leading technology firms located in Silicon Valley, and year-round support -- with the goal of creating a pipeline of technology-savvy women who will go on to thrive across the technology industry sector, and strengthen the backbone of our country’s economy.

Women students make up 50% of students in the basic Compsci 101 course. But later in the undergrad career, women make up just 20% of computer science majors, and 18% of electrical and computer engineering majors. Intervention early in the academic career is needed to prevent this attrition.


Mentorship That Matters

To accomplish this, we provide opportunity, mentorship and support for women undergraduates. DTech Scholars offers technology-based internships and mentorship to Duke women undergraduates early in their academic careers—when attrition from computer science and engineering is highest.

Through internships with Silicon Valley technology companies, young women have the opportunity to explore and discover their potential to have an impact in technology fields. Paired with a mentor, our students extend their technical skills, build confidence and professional networks, and envision how to create rewarding careers. We aim for these internships to be powerful, transformative experiences.

Broader Efforts

Back on our campus in Durham, North Carolina, leading faculty researchers are working together to make both Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering more appealing to women through hands-on curricula that focuses on real-world impact. And, we are deepening advising and cultivating a sense of belonging and community as key elements in our quest to recruit and retain women undergraduates.

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